Harajuku Duo’s Avant-Garde Streetwear Fashion w/ W.I.A, Buffalo, Funktique Tokyo, Jeremy Scott, Broken Doll & Moschino

During one of our recent night outings on the streets of Harajuku, the eye-catching fashion forward looks of this duo easily grabbed our attention.

Sporting blue twin tails is 18-year-old Meghan, whose ensemble consists of a grey sleeveless shirt with an “Ice Cream for Breakfast” print tucked into a Warriors baseball jersey creatively worn as a skirt. Blue “Dream Big” ribbed socks with yellow trims and black lace up boots completed her outfit. Her accessories include colorful decora hair clips, face stickers, a pink shoe lace bow necklace, a red watch, beaded bracelets, and cute rings.

Meanwhile, at the right is 16-year-old pink-haired Amayas, who is sporting an all black outfit. Their avant-garde style features a black bomber jacket with yellow fur collar trim and prints from W.I.A, and a long sleeve sheer maxi dress, which they wore underneath a high-waisted leather zipper skirt from Buffalo. White Funktique socks, black platform sneakers, and a printed handbag from Jeremy Scott were paired with their outfit. For accessories, Amayas donned an elaborate geometric head piece, decora hair clips, face stickers, a gas mask from Broken Doll, a pearl pendant necklace, and they are holding a Moschino cigarette phone case. For more of Amayas’ avant-garde looks, follow them on Instagram.

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