Harajuku Duo in Ethnic Prints & Tunics w/ Qosmos Accessories & Elephant Bag

Asuka and Shota are two students we me in Harajuku, both wearing earth tones.

Asuka is 18 years old and she’s active on Twitter. She is wearing layered resale tunic dresses with Hikari Koenji platforms and accessories from Qosmos: necklaces, rings and bracelets, as well as an elephant bag.

Shota is 20 and he told us that he also works at Qosmos. His outfit consists of resale and Qosmos items, such as: a printed blazer and tunic shirt, jeans with patches, a suede bag, rings, bracelets and sunglasses. You can find him on Twitter for more information.

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  1. Absolutely THE most well put-together couple I’ve seen here. Now, if only “smiling” was as trendy, eh? It’s an accessory one should never leave the house without.

  2. deathbyglitter

    The fabrics…colors…prints…textures…there is so much to love and it’s all happening in such a beautiful way! :D I love that Shota has such beautiful hands as well – especially his lovely nails! It elevates his rings and bracelets to a point I’ve never even seen before that photo. Epic! Really, really love these two! <3