Harajuku Lolita Fashion w/ Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Black Peace Now, 6%DOKIDOKI & Moschino

While out walking the streets of Harajuku one afternoon, we came across Erika and Ayami, two girls who we see are dressed in Lolita fashion styles.

Sporting a pink braided hairstyle is Erika, who is clad in a black long sleeved shirt with ruffled lace collar and sleeve cuffs, worn underneath a black candy print jumper dress – both of which are from popular Lolita fashion brand, Angelic Pretty. Black fishnet stockings worn over pink and purple Hello Kitty tights, white ankle socks, and platform strappy shoes from Belly Button completed her outfit. For accessories – which are from 6%DOKIDOKI – Erika donned colorful hair clips, a nose ring, decora earrings, a pink bow choker, and cute colorful rings. In addition, she is wearing a pink round sling bag from Moschino, with a pink stuffed toy keychain attached to the bag. Moschino is Erika’s favorite fashion brand, and she likes the music of Eminem and Die Antwoord.

Meanwhile, Ayami is decked out in a dark Lolita ensemble. Ayami is wearing a black long sleeve shirt from Black Peace Now, which she styled with a black cross and floral print tiered long jumper dress from Innocent World. Black lace socks, black platform doll shoes, a black satchel bag from ReStyle, and accessories such as a black mesh headpiece, a black rosary necklace, and black rings from H&M finished off Ayami’s gothic look. Ayami’s favorite brands are ReStyle, Killstar and Atelier-Pierrot, and she enjoys listening to Die Antwoord and Nocturnal Bloodlust.

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