Harajuku Fashion Blogger w/ Fuchsia Hair, American Apparel Plaid Skirt & Justin Davis

Meet Coco, an Elle Girl blogger and VlliVlli Harajuku staffer with cure fuchsia hair.

Coco’s wearing a t-shirt from Barrack Room with a plaid American Apparel skirt, and a denim clutch from Labrat. Her furry platform sandals are from Bubbles Harajuku, her socks are Labrat, and her ring is Justin Davis. She is also wearing Vargas lipstick earrings, lock and cross necklaces, studded bracelets, and a purple watch.

Coco’s favorite brand is ROOM by VlliVlli and she likes listening to The Runaways. Find out more about her from her Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Eduardo Vargas

    WTF, theres a brand called Vargas??? Thats my last name.