Harajuku Fashion Police

Meet the Harajuku Fashion Police! Or, meet two cute Japanese girls in police hats who we met on the street in Harajuku.

On the left – with red-tipped hair – is 18-year-old Raymy. She said that she’s a freeter (not a full-time worker). Raymy is wearing an H&M Divided Guns N’ Roses t-shirt dress under a leather jacket she bought resale, tights featuring a hearts & roses print, and black leather boots. She said that her accessories – which include a winged-heart ring and her extremely authentic police uniform hat – came from the popular Harajuku shops Nadia and Kinsella.

On the right – with blue hair awesomely tied into side-buns – is 17-year-old M.J. She said that she works at a resale shop called BUZZ. M.J is wearing a resale sweatshirt from the Scream-O-Howl Halloween event in Williamsburg, Virginia (USA), torn denim shorts from Spinns, striped stockings, and tall platform creeper shoes. Her backpack is from MxMxM and her accessories – which include the police hat and a spider ring – are from the resale shop Kinsella.

When we asked the girls about their favorite shops/brands, Raymy named Jil Sander, and Emoda. M.J. said she likes Thrasher and MxMxM. As far as music, both of them are really into the Japanse ska/punk bands Shakalabbits and Gollbetty. Raymy also said she likes Ellegarden. M.J. added Zazen Boys to her favorites list.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. uwahhhhhhhh *3* they’re so cool! :D
    I love the hairstyles, especially the blue hair (I have had blue hair on and off for years, by far my favourite hair colour :3)
    ^^ cute

  2. Madonna Lily

    I agree with Elllen ^^
    They both are great!!
    Specially love the tights!

  3. I love both outfits. They’re like a combo of badass and cute. I especially love the blue hair!

  4. Both outfits are so cool! Love the girl on the lefts hair, oh and her boots!

  5. ok quick question, is the girl on the left wearing a really over-sized shirt or that is actually a t-shirt dress? i love her outfit and i want to duplicate it <3

  6. I want M.J. short and bagpack *-*
    and I also want Raymy’s GnR shirt and leather jacket <33

  7. Lova’ their style>>33 a lilt punkness in it asjusksujkk