Harajuku Punk Fashion w/ Tall Mohawk, Remake Shirt, Lad Musician Skirt, Dr. Martens Boots, Handmade Body Harness & Vinyl Bag

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku is 19-year-old student Nagi, who caught our eye with his tall mohawk and punk style.

Nagi is wearing an all black punk-inspired look featuring a remake sleeveless collar shirt paired with a Lad Musician long skirt and Dr. Martens lace-up leather boots. Aside from his tall mohawk and face mask, he also accessorized his outfit with a handmade body harness, spike choker necklace, round sunglasses, curved horn earrings and assorted resale silver rings. He finished the look with a handmade bag with chain link handles.

Nagi’s favorite brands include Comme Des Garcons and Anrealage. He also shared that he loves listening to hip hop music. Follow Nagi on Instagram to see more of his style.

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