Harajuku Girls in Colorful Eclectic Streetwear w/ FOTUS, Space Tribe, Sabre, Damage, Dog Harajuku, Hoyajuku, Pinnap, Sunkus x Family Mart & Moonzone

Brightening up the streets of Harajuku were Iyo, Sakuran, and Napu, whose eclectic mix of colors and prints caught our attention.

On the left is Iyo, who wore a FOTUS graphic long-sleeved top under a pale pink sheer blouse. The 17-year-old student wore them with Space Tribe printed cropped pants, pale pink mesh cropped tights, and white Adidas Neo sneakers. Iyo hid her long hair under a white hat and carried a black Sabre backpack decorated with safety pins. She finished off her look with pink eye makeup, glossy pink lips, Damage gloves, and a handmade kewpie necklace. Iyo’s fashion favorites include Dog Harajuku, Hayatochiri, and Genome. She also enjoys music from Space Tribe and Yoji Biomehanika. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

In the middle is Napu with a Dog Harajuku graphic shirt dress, which featured a ribbed neckline, red-and-white stripes, a sequin-embellished heart print with the word “REMEMBER” in the center, and pale pink fringe trim on the hem. The 19-year-old student styled her look with white knee socks and colorful shoes from Hoyajuku. She rounded out her look with a bold red lip, a handbag shaped like a corset, and Pinnap accessories. Her fashion favorites are Dog Harajuku and Haruno, and she enjoys music from Creepy Nuts. For more on Napu, follow her on Instagram.

Finally, we have Sakuran with colorful braids under a white sailor hat. The 17-year-old student made a lasting impression with her handmade white top and Sunkus x Family Mart deconstructed jacket. She styled them with a Moonzone skirt, which featured a front-zip closure and a mix of camouflage print and a red-and-gold pattern. Sakuran capped off her look with colorful eye makeup, pink lips, Converse black lace-up sneakers, an emergency bag, and Chicago accessories. Her fashion favorite is Dog Harajuku, while her favorite musical artist is Denki Groove. You can follow Sakuran on Instagram or Twitter.

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