Harajuku Fox & Cat in Handmade Fashion, Body Line & Shimamura

When we spotted this duo walking down the street in Harajuku together, even we were surprised!

Machi Kitsune, on the left, told us that they are 103 years old. Their look features a remake purple tuxedo jacket over a resale black top, Body Line breaches, striped tights, and boots. Accessories – most of which are handmade – include a top hat, a flower brooch, a cane, and a Shimamura purse. Machi’s favorite bands include MUCC and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more info, check out Twitter.

Neko, on the right, is only 100 years old. They are wearing a fox maid top with a black tiered dress, and Body Line bow flats. Accessories include a handmade hair bow and a leather purse. Neko is a fan of Shiina Ringo. For more info, check Twitter.

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  1. Okay, this is weird, but damn cute in the same time.

  2. what dose fox say? dang dang dang dangdidang didang