Harajuku Girl in Colorful Hand-Painted Coming of Age Day Japanese Street Style

Yu (the person identified to us as female, but Instagram bio says FtX, so they/them could be preferred, not sure) is a 19-year-old Japanese part time worker that immediately caught our eye on the street in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood.

Yu told us that she was out in Harajuku celebrating Seijin No Hi, Japan’s holiday for young people who turn twenty years old and legally become adults. The Coming of Age Day holiday is on Monday, but many people celebrate on the weekend when they have more time.

In addition to her cool colorful hairstyle, Yu’s look here features a hand-painted blazer over a remake shirt with hand-painted pants, a Killstar velvet skull bag from QOOZA Harajuku, and tall Demonia platform boots. Her accessories – which include lace gloves and rings – were purchased in Harajuku.

Yu told us that her favorite shop is Romantic Standard and she likes the music of the Japanese rock band Ziyoou-vachi (Queen Bee). Follow Yu on Instagram for more of her Japanese street style.

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