Harajuku Girl w/ Cyberdog Backpack, Green Hair & Monomania

Watson is a Japanese student with green hair who we see around the streets of Harajuku pretty regularly. In addition to her interest in fashion, she is also a cosplayer.

Her look on this day features a jacket from her mom over a long Monomania hoodie, Uniqlo black jeans, and platform shoes she purchased at a shop in Harajuku. Accessories – some of which came from Bulgari, Claire’s, and as gifts – include a winged hat, a leather o-ring choker, a black scarf, several metal band rings, and a Cyberdog backpack.

Watson’s favorite brand right now is Monomania. She likes to listen to Anisong (anime music), Vocaloid, and video game music. For more info, find Watson on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. The eyes full on pop out up close including the teal aqua color. Its very artistic!!! They all pop out special with the layers of black! I really do love this outfit❤️