Harajuku Girl w/ Decora Hair Clips, ACDC Rag, Swimmer & WEGO Fashion

Tsunamayo Milk is a fun Japanese high school student who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. Her look are always colorful and often feature decora inspired accessories.

Tsunamayo is wearing a ruffle shirt over a cartoon print top from the Harajuku brand ACDC Rag, a strawberry print skirt that her mom made, white tights, and WEGO platform sandals. Accessories include decora hair clips, lots of colorful bracelets, a wrist watch, and a Swimmer “Fantastic Day Dream” heart bag.

Tsunamayo’s favorite kawaii fashion brands are Swimmer and Milklim, and she’s a fan of Johnny’s West. If you want to learn more, check out her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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