Harajuku Girl w/ Horns, Glasses, Piercing & Colorful Resale Fashion

This cute and colorful Japanese girl is 21-year-old Kyo-chan. When we ran into her in Harajuku, Kyo-chan told us that she works in the fashion industry.

Kyo-chan’s bold outfit features a top with a huge frog on it under a super-colorful jacket from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago, graphic print shorts that she also picked up resale, red tights, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories include a horned hat with a face on it, two pairs of glasses (one red, one purple), a lip piercing, a colorful polka dot scarf, a purple purse with a huge button, and an Outdoor products backpack with a dangling Rat Fink charm.

When we asked Kyo-chan about music, she told us that she’s a big fan of the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. i LOVE all the colors , it looks great
    her hat and her make up is perfect and
    i really like her red tights
    (( ^ 3 ^))b

  2. Dreaded Queen

    This is homeless chic to me. Love the hat and tights but the amount of prints and layers of clothesoverwhelms me lol.

  3. She’s really pretty. :D
    And her styles seems like it would be ‘tacky” but it goes pretty nicely.
    I lover hair.