Harajuku Girl in Sevens & Yosuke Streetwear Style w/ Leather Beret, Pink Waist Bag & Buckled Boots

Here’s Natsumi, whose all-black outfit and bright pink bag caught our attention in Harajuku.

The 14-year-old donned a black button-up shirt from Sevens and a black pleated skirt. Natsumi also wore Yosuke black leather buckled boots with high platform wedges and a lace-up design. She hid her twin tails under a black leather beret from Sevens, which had the words “Crush on You” in contrasting white lettering. Red lips, red nails, a pink graphic top, and a pink transparent waist bag from Sevens added pops of color to her look.

Natsumi gets her style inspiration from Sevens and Yosuke, and she enjoys listening to music from Japanese pop idol group Dempagumi.inc. For more on Natsumi, follow her on Instagram.

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