Harajuku Girl in Sheer Lace Dress Style w/ Kinji, Ding, Irregular Choice, Paris House & Hoyajuku

Rikarin is a 20-year-old shop staff and student we often see and feature regularly on our Harajuku street snaps. Her last snap in June saw her sporting a colorful resale fashion style.

Today, ombre-haired Rikarin is wearing a white sheer lace dress from Kinji over a long sheer skirt from Ding, white socks, cutout bow shoes from Irregular Choice, and an aqua leather tote bag from Paris House. She accessorized with silver earrings and a collar necklace from Hoyajuku.

Rikarin’s favorite brand is kawaii brand 6%DokiDoki and she likes to listen to Dempagumi.inc. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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