Harajuku Girl w/ Stripes, Knit, Denim, Lion & Lowrys Farm Shoes

The cute Chisato was wearing a colorful and casual outfit when we noticed her in Harajuku. She was kind enough to stop and chat with us, and here is what we found out:

Chisato is 17 and she’s a student. She’s active on Twitter and she loves Czecho No Republic.

She is wearing a striped sweater over a peter pan collar shirt, with boyfriend jeans and a knitted cardigan. She braided her hair in two tails, with bangs and a beanie, and she put a plaid scarf around the neck.  Her white bag is a remake, with pins, a bandana and a lion plushie hung to it. You can see Chisato is wearing colorful socks in her Lowrys Farm shoes.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Something about the shoes, socks and jeans makes me very nostalgic. Perhaps the colour combination? I really like it.

  2. Victoria Moore

    This is a great retro look. Very feminine and laid-back. I love it.

  3. Korean-influenced Mori style.. ahh… natsukashii!!

  4. Omg! Her style is perfect. Subtle and cute~ I love it ^^
    Especially her shoes asgfdmlaksl I want them tooo D:

  5. i just LOVE this look :) it’s sooo cute and there’s something about the braids mixed with the boyfriend jeans and the sweater that just work :D
    i’m gonna have to copy this :)