Blonde Harajuku Girl w/ Long Leopard Coat & Nincompoop Capacity Bag

You is a Bunka Fashion College student and aspiring Japanese singer who we have been street-snapping in Harajuku for well over a year now.

Her look includes a long leopard print coat from the popular Harajuku resale shop Kinji with sheer lace dress, orange socks, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes with grommets/studs. Accessories – some of which came from Kawi Jamele – include a leather choker, a wide belt, along with a Nincompoop Capacity backpack with a harness.

You’s favorite shop is Bubbles Harajuku. She can be found on both Twitter and Instagram if you’d like more information. You can also hear her singing on YouTube.

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  1. She looks kind of like Suzy from Miss A… Also I agree with Lunia, her bag is sublime.

  2. Love that cute leopard coat. And I like ur awesome bag as well. But the leopard coat is very cute.