Harajuku Girl w/ Pastel Hair, Plaid Skirt, Care Bear, Tweety & Charlie Brown

Chun is a vintage shop staffer with pastel hair and vivid blush who we often see around Harajuku. She has her own unique sense of personal style that is partially inspired by Tokyo’s cult party kei subculture.

Chun is wearing a long sleeve Tweety Bird shirt from New York Joe Exchange (the shop she works at) along with a plaid pleated midi skirt (also from New York Joe), yellow socks, and platform Volatile sneakers that she picked up resale. Accessories include a Care Bear, a Charlie Brown cap, a resale bag decorated with charms and ribbons, cute suspenders from KiloStore, various buttons, a vial necklace, a Furby ring from Ropeway, a ballet shoes ring from Yakusoku, and a colorful bracelet.

Chun’s favorite shops include Meno, Gunifuni, New York Joe Exchange, and Punk Cake Harajuku. For more info, find Chun on Twitter or Instagram.

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