Harajuku Girl’s Pink-Yellow Hair, Galaxxxy Graphics & Eyeball Bows

Here’s Yuri, a fun girl with pink-and-yellow hair who we spotted on the street in Harajuku. Yuri’s style – packed with bright colors and bold patterns – gave us a Galaxxxy vibe right away!

Yuri is wearing an eyeball print graphic hoodie from Galaxxxy over a Galaxxxy top, a graphic Galaxxxy skirt, pink tights, Space Invaders socks, and Vans sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from CYbER dYNE & Vacant – include an all-over illustrated cap decorated with an eyeball bow, a Thrasher bandana, multiple studded bracelets, an eyeball bow bracelet, skeleton gloves, a Thrasher backpack adorned with multiple charms and studded items, and a small Teletubby attached to her jacket. Her eye makeup also adds to the look.

Yuri told us that her favorite genres of music include hardcore and nerdcore.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Omg! i really like that look, it’s really different though, then again that’s why i like it

  2. I love the colors and the punk/skater theme is too cute

  3. 대박!! It’s such an inspiring look. I really want those socks. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。@(・●・)@