Harajuku Girl in Romantic Outfit w/ Cute Franche Lippee Lion Brooch

Meet Misaki, an 18 year old specialty school student in a romantic outfit who we spotted in Harajuku.

She is wearing a black t-shirt with a knee length skirt and a matching cardigan. She is also wearing a lion brooch from Franche Lippee, a Marks & Web tote bag, white tights and canvas sneakers with lace laces.

Misaki told us that her favorite fashion brand is Jane Marple.

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  1. Gordon Tan

    It’s the careful thought put into the material co-ordination that impresses me!

  2. Mia-Sehana

    I like that from far away, the lion pin looks like a flower. Great outfit!

  3. shes very cute. lovely natural makeup. her eyes is beautiful contrast to her outfit. like the hair, bangs. ^ ^