Harajuku Girl’s Twin Tails Hairstyle, Betty Boop Skirt & Camera Purse

This is 16-year-old Shiho, a Japanese high school student with a cute “twin tails” hairstyle who we met in Harajuku.

Shiho is wearing a white lace top and cropped green sweater from the popular Tokyo resale shop Kinji along with a belted high-waisted Betty Boop skirt from Spinns Harajuku and high heeled oxford shoes. Her accessories include lace hair ties, vintage buttons from the Harajuku shop Bunkaya Zakkaten, glasses (not being worn), and a camera-shaped purse (also from Bunkaya Zakkaten). Her other bag is from the Japanese brand Salon de la Trinite / Dissy.

Shiho told us that her favorite shop in Harajuku is Bunkaya Zakkaten and her favorite music is by the Japanese singer Miwa.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. ^This – exactly what I was thinking! OMG supercute shoes!

  2. The shoes!! :| She’s adorable! cute hair! Love the skirt and the glasses :) yay Shiho! :)

  3. I have shorter black ones like hers, though hers have a bit more character, and I want to get a sort of duffle bag with a boombox illusion like her purse.
    So suffice to say, I love her style!

  4. what an awesome look!! love it! could totally dress up like this, she’s inspiring me for my daily outfit ^^

  5. Super Cute ~ <3 there's now way i couldn't love this! :3

  6. YOUNG_ROB101

    that bag is absolutley awesome and the entire outfit.. hey guys can you please go follow me on twitter @young_rob101please i follow back

  7. Wow! love this outfit! aww isnt she cute ^.^ I love how scuffed the shoes are and the fun factor of the skirt and the camera bag!!