Harajuku Girl’s Two-Tone Bob, PMA Overalls & Illustrated Sneakers

This is Kaho, an 18-year-old Japanese student that we met in Harajuku. Kaho’s cute red and black two-tone bob hairstyle caught our attention when we spotted her on the street.

Kaho’s outfit includes a white shirt with a red striped accents from Harajuku’s Panama Boy resale shop, cute overalls with polka dot accents and red buttons from PMA, and customized Vans slip-ons with red and blue “Love You” artwork that she created herself. Her red polka dot backpack is from Marimekko and she handmade the cute little googly eyes character pinned to her PMA overalls.

Kaho told us that her favorite fashion brands are PMA and Marimekko. She also enjoys shopping at various used and resale shops. Her favorite band is the J-rock group Freenote.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I love those shoes! I would totally sport those:D

  2. JamJammieJam

    I like the shirt and overalls combination as well as the red buttons that accent them! The little yellow comic book patch is cute too. o 3 o

  3. babybucks

    Marimekko ! Awww… :) super cute. loveing the overalls !! and the hair. just adorable combination ~

  4. だいすき きしてつ



  5. Can I just BE her? Please? I just love everything about this girl.

  6. Oh my god! She’s the cutest thing I have ever seen! I’m jealous! So cute!!!
    @Sidney: I feel the exact same way!!

  7. I saw this girl near my place today! ^-^ We must live in the same neighbourhood. When her hair caught my attention, I remembered this photo and realized it was the same girl.

    Tokyo Fashion, you snap some pretty memorable photos of some pretty memorable people! =D

  8. OMG! Those shoes are cute! My hair is similar except without the bangs! I lub it!

  9. Oh my god this is so cute
    Errything about this outfit cute in everyway