Harajuku Girl w/ Heart Cutout Acid Wash Jeans & Platform Sandals

This is Ten, a 21-year-old apparel industry worker who we met in Harajuku. Her heart-cutout jeans are on trend for summer 2014 in Tokyo.

Ten is wearing a resale Disney top with those WEGO acid wash heart-cutout jeans, furry socks, and platform sandals from WEGO. Accessories include pompom earrings from Bubbles Harajuku, a WEGO necklace, a “Princess” wristband from Nadia Harajuku, a furry purple bag from WEGO, and a Nike backpack.

Ten told us that her favorite shops include Bubbles Harajuku, Nadia Harajuku, and WEGO. For more info, find her on Twitter.

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