Smiley Harajuku Girls w/ Adidas Polka Dots, Milkfed, 55DSL & Beams Boy

Mica and Saori are two smiley and cutely dressed 20-year-old Harajuku girls. Both of them are currently students.

To the left we have Mica, dressed in black. She is wearing a polka dot jacket from Adidas Originals with a Cheap Monday t-shirt and a chiffon skirt. She accessorized with a Beams Boy bandana, Adidas earrings and a Philosophy backpack. Her shoes are Dr. Martens. She told us that her favorite shops are Beams Boy, Adidas and Dr. Martens. Her favorite music genre is electro.

Saori is the one in the Kastane denim coat. She is wearing it with a Milkfed dress and Dr. Martens boots. Her choker necklace is from Hysteric Glamour, and her watch is G-Shock. She is also wearing a colorful cap and a 55DSL backpack. Her favorite store is A.P.C. and her favorite music is screamo.

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  1. Saori is so cute! Love both of their outfits, but I specially love Saori’s hair and her denim coat.

  2. Mica’s backpack is so cool! I want one!
    And smiles are always nice to see :)

  3. Geez, I just looked at Philosophy’s site and their backpacks are $300?? How does a 20 year old afford something that nice? o_o