Harajuku Girls w/ Back Number, X-Girl, UNIF, Jouetie & Platform Sandals

Miyu and Minua are a couple of 18-year-old students we street-snapped in Harajuku. Both of them were wearing cute outfits and they also had a lot of charisma.

Miyu is on the right, with twin buns and temporary tattoos on her face. She is wearing an X-girl t-shirt with resale printed pants and a denim shirt from UNIF. Her studded bag is Jouetie and her colorblock platform sandals are WEGO. Her geometric earrings and glasses-shaped ring are from Cocolulu. Miyu told us that X-girl and Pin Nap Harajuku are her favorite shops, and that she likes listening to E-girls. Follow her on Twitter if you want to learn more.

Minua is pictured to the left, with yellow eye make-up. She is wearing a pink hoodie as a dress, which she got from Back Number. Her cap reads “unisex”, her bag is quilted, and her wedge sneakers are Converse. She is also wearing a couple of golden rings and blue nail art. Minua is a fan of BENI and Ayumi Hamasaki, and she’s also active on Twitter.

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