Harajuku Girls w/ Billie Eilish Inspired Hairstyle, Kobinai, Office Kiko, Hyper Couture, Furla & Baby Shoop

Shion and Yumi are 19-year-old Japanese beauty school students who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Shion, on the right with a green Billie Eilish inspired hairstyle, is wearing a green Hyper Couture sweatshirt over a Volcan & Aphrodite top, neon accent strap pants from Hyper Couture, a Gucci bag, Baby Shoop accessories including a “Sexy” jeweled choker, sunglasses, neon socks, and neon green platform sneakers by Hyper Couture. Shion’s favorite musical artist is Billie Eilish and she is active on Instagram.

Yumi, with pastel twintails on the left, is wearing a Forever 21 faux fur jacket over a graphic top by the Japanese brand Kobinai, a green ME Harajuku skirt, a Furla “Candy Bag” handbag, and Office Kiko by Kiko Mizuhara sparkling purple platform boots. Yumi’s favorite fashion brands include Office Kiko, UNIF, and Kobina. Her favorite musician is Chanmina. Follow her on Instagram.

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