We met these two black-clad girls – both with long dark hair and bangs – on the street in Harajuku.

Ao – pictured here to the right – is 21 and works in apparel. She’s wearing a Uniqlo hoodie over a Thank-You Mart t-shirt, GU ripped jeans, and studded lace up boots. Her backback is from Thrasher, and her accessories include a razor-blade necklace, bracelets and a Vivienne Westwood armor ring. Ao likes shopping atĀ Kill Star and she’s a fan of rock bandsĀ Asking Alexandria and Sleeping With Sirens. Find her on Twitter for more information.

Tsubasa – pictured to the left – is 22 years old. She is wearing a GU shirt over a handmade t-shirt and a resale maxi skirt. Her studded bag is H&M and her loafers are from a resale shop. She accessorized with a lip piercing, a handmade panda pendant, and a ring she bought online. Tsubassa told us she likes wearing handmade items and listening to Disney music. Visit her on Twitter for updates.

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