Harajuku Girls w/ Bow Bag, Colorful Socks, Tokyo Bopper & Tabi Shoes

We spotted these two friendly apparel industry staffers in Harajuku and they were nice enough to stop for a few quick street snaps.

Emichi is the girl with the strawberry-blond bob hairstyle. She is wearing a striped t-shirt over a black long sleeve, with a midi skirt. Her bow-shaped bag is from Who What and her rocking horse shoes are from Tokyo Bopper, paired with colorful unmatched socks. She is also wearing a Vivienne Westwood ring and tattoo necklace.

Pictured to the right is Asako, with bangs and twin tails. She’s wearing a cats and dogs print shirt with pink pants and tabi (split toe shoes) from Nike. Her watch is Timex. Asako told us she likes listening to Yoshida Yamada.

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