Harajuku Girls in Bow Tie, Tokyo Bopper, Muji, GU & Resale Fashion

We met 19-year old Michiru Iijima and 20-year old Itsumi Ikezawa, both students, in the streets Harajuku.

Michiru (right) sported a green, ombre-colored hair and wore resale fashion consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, bowtie, suspenders and a pleated skirt. Her white, cutout backpack and platform sandals are from Tokyo Bopper. One of her favorite brands is Tokyo Bopper. Follow Michiru at Twitter and Instagram.

Itsumi (left), wore a denim cap and her outfit consisted of a black t-shirt and jumper dress, both from GU. Her denim backpack is from Muji. She loves shopping at GU and Uniqlo. Catch Itsumi on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. This is literally the Asuka and Rei of Harajuku.