Colorful Harajuku Girls w/ Tutus, Bows, Kuroko no Basuke & 6%DOKIDOKI

Mepura and Hirato are a couple of friends with cute style who we recently ran into in Harajuku.

The one with pastel pink hair is Mepura, and she is wearing a 6%DokiDoki top, tulle skirt (or tutu) and jacket, all in pastels. Her heart-shaped bag with lots of Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) manga pins is from G2?. She bought her heeled, three-straps shoes in Harajuku. She is also wearing colorful accessories, some of which came from her favorite shop 6%DokiDoki – including decora hair pins, necklaces, brooches, a beret and bow print tights. She’s carrying a Rakuzan High “Akashi” plush doll. Mepura likes listening to Miyavi, and she’s active on Twitter.

The girl with red hair is Hirato. She is wearing a sweatshirt and leather jacket from Avail, with a tutu she bought in Harajuku. Her studded backpack is from Spinns and it features cat ears. She is also wearing heeled ankle boots with lace, bow hair pins, thin rings and faux suspenders tights. She told us her accessories are from Stone Market, that she likes to shop at 6%DokiDoki, and that she’s a fan of Vocaloid. Find her on Twitter for more info.

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  1. at first glance they both seemed to be just pretty cute and all, but then i saw all the akashi straps on mepura’s neck and was like “woah, seriously?” i can’t stop grinning because this is just too adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh, I want those lace shoes in the last photo so bad *A*