Harajuku Girls w/ Bunny Backpacks in Nile Perch, Amatsukami Tokyo & Swimmer

We met Makoto and Ayumu – both students – on the street in Harajuku.

Makoto is the one in white, with black hair in twin tails. She is 17 and she’s wearing a Nile Perch jacket with a top from Swimmer and shorts from Nile Perch. Her plush bunny backpack is from WC and her heart creepers are Swimmer, worn with sheer ruffle socks. Makoto’s favorite shop is Nile Perch Harajuku and her favorite band is R-Shitei. Check her out on Twitter if you want.

Ayumu is the one wearing black, with a white hat. She works in apparel. Her jacket is Buffalo Bob’s, her kanji top is Amatsukami Tokyo and her 3/4 pants are Uniqlo. Her plush bunny backpack is WC and her sneakers are Noid. We also noticed her hand corset piercings, a perler beads necklace, a kawaii plush pouch, as well as various jewelry. Her favorite shop is Buffalo Bob’s and she listens to vocaloid. Find her on Twitter for more updates.

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