This cute girl who’s put together an eye-catching b&w outfit is Mina, a 20-year-old part-time worker. She’s wearing a white blouse with lace trim, a black cable cardigan embellished with small pearls from Kinji and a black miniskirt from H&M. Her striped tights are from G2? and her platform shoes are from Tokyo Bopper. She’s also wearing black socks trimmed with white lace.

Mina’s accessories include a black cross necklace. Her fantasy-print polka dot bag is from AHCAHCUM.muchacha.

Mina told us that her favorite fashion sources are Nadia, IamI and AHCAHCUM.muchacha. She also said her favorite music is by Plastic Tree.

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  1. O-oh god… what a cute and squishy face.
    The visual effect of her tights + shoes make her look pretty tall!
    I like her bag too. <3

  2. love everything about this! simple and casual, yet still eye-catching and super stylish!

  3. Is she a modern GEISHA? Her face looks so WHITE

  4. Wowowow she is gorgeous! I love her outfit :-)

  5. What a cute face, and also cute outfit. ^-^”!