Harajuku Girls w/ Matching Converse, Red Beret, Cat-Print & Cable Knit

Haruna and Kana – two cute and stylish 17 year old students – were shopping in Harajuku when we first saw them. We thought their matching Converse sneakers were a fun touch.

Haruna is the girl with the red beret whose style reminded us of Seto Ayumi. She is wearing a white, oversized, knitted sweater from Nadia with ANAP shorts, and Converse sneakers with red socks. Haruna accessorized with two pins and a cross necklace from WEGO, and a black Nadia tote bag. She has her hair braided in twin buns. Haruna told us that she likes shopping at Bubbles and Nadia, and that her favorite bands are One OK Rock and Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Kana is the girl to the right, with a white bow in her hair. She is wearing a cat sweater by WEGO with resale gingham shorts and a thin belt. Her white bag is American Apparel, matching her Converse sneakers. She is wearing small earrings and a spike bracelet, as well as printed tights, and she told us her favorite shops are Nadia and The Virgin Mary. High Standard is Kana’s favorite band, and you can find her on Twitter most days.

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