Harajuku Girls Street Styles w/ Candy Stripper, Moschino, Peach John, American Apparel, Grail & YSL

While in Harajuku, our eye was caught with 17-year-old student Sakura and Mai, who works in Sales. Let’s take a closer look at what they are wearing:

Long-haired Sakura’s stylish outfit features a floral print off-the-shoulder cropped top with matching choker from American Apparel, cutout jeans from Candy Stripper, a brown leather belt, fishnet stockings, Moschino heeled shoes, and a red handbag from Grail. Follow Sakura on Twitter!

Mai’s ensemble consists of a turtleneck sweater from Zara, handmade floral print pants, black platform loafers from Peach John, and an Yves Saint Laurent handbag. Her accessories include a brown belt, and Coach hoop earrings. Mai’s favorite brand is Agnes B. and she likes to listen to reggae music. She is also active on Twitter.

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