Harajuku Girls in Colorful Fashion w/ Super Lovers, Monomania, WEGO & Grand Ground

We met these 16-year-old students wearing colorful decora-inspired fashion on the street in Harajuku.

Tsunamayo Milk is the one pictured to the left, wearing an oversized Super Lovers t-shirt with Monomania mismatched tights. She bought her plush bag in Harajuku and her heeled sandals from WEGO. Her colorful accessories are from Swimmer, her favorite place to shop is Milklim, and her favorite band is Johnny’s West. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

Tominihina is wearing a t-shirt and backpack from Grand Ground, with polka dot handmade shorts. Her colorful lace-up boots are from Jam, and her accessories are handmade. She told us Love Revolution is her favorite shop, and that she’s active on Twitter and Instagram.

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