Harajuku Girls in Galaxxxy Japan Fashion w/ Dress ‘N Dazzle, Milklim, Itazura & Nakano Ropeway

We met these 17-year-old students wearing cute street fashion in Harajuku.

Tashu – on the right – is wearing a matching graphic hat, jacket, and skirt from Galaxxxy Japan with a Milklim top, a vintage randoseru, and sneakers. Accessories – which include hama bead earrings and colorful bead necklace, candy bracelets, and a cute heart ring – are from Itazura, Swimmer, Nakano Ropeway, and Pico Pico Accessories. Tashu’s favorite shops include Galaxxxy Japan and Nesin Harajuku, and she likes listening to Vocaloid and Seiko Oomori. Find her on Twitter and Instagram for more.

Aipanda – on the left in twin braids – is wearing a jacket, top, and flame shorts all from Galaxxxy Japan with a colorful Dress ‘N Dazzle backpack and creepers purchased on Takeshita Dori. Accessories – including a panda beads necklace, cute earrings, bracelets, and rings – are from Claire’s, Pico Pico Accessories. Aipanda’s favorite fashion brand is Galaxxxy Japan and her favorite bands are Amaryllis Bomb and Kaiware Hammer. She is also active on Twitter.

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