Harajuku Girls in Glad News, Mint Neko, Ne-Net & Dr. Martens

We met these two 18-year-old students in Harajuku when they dressed in opposing black and white outfits. This is what we learned from them:

Kaoru is pictured to the right with short dark hair and a cap. She is wearing a skull top from Glad News with denim cutoffs. Her cat backpack is Mint Neko and her accessories are Cayhane. She is also wearing black buckle shoes and a skulls bag. Kaoru likes to shop at Mint Neko and Glad News, and she’s a fan of amazarashi. She is also active on Twitter.

Ayatarsu is the girl with bobbed hair in a white shirt dress from Ne-Net with a Champion hoodie on top. Her bag is Milk Boy and her boots are Dr. Martens. Her earrings are from Disney. Her favorite place to shop is i tokyo me and you can follow her Twitter here.

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