Harajuku Girls in Green w/ Vive Vagina Stockings & Spiked Platforms

Here are two stylish Japanese girls who we met on Meiji Dori in Harajuku. The fact that both of them were wearing green (the girl on the right even has green-tipped hair) is what first caught our attention. When we started to take their photos, the wind got really strong all of a sudden, so please forgive any blowing hair.

The girl on the left is wearing a knit sweater with a tiger on it, a skirt with leopard print, Vive Vagina stockings, green socks, and platform shoes – each one with a spike on the toe (blow up the closeup photo to see the spikes). Her green furry purse added a lot to the overall look. The outfit on the right features a green jacket, black bottoms, socks with appliques on them, and red creepers. Her accessories include a colorful scarf, a spike bracelet, a large chain bracelet, and hair ties with safety pins & string.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. vive vagina stockings? This is my first time hearing of the brand, but I must check them out! Is that their “logo” printed on the stockings?

    Awesome :D

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Haha that expression with the hands is hilarious. Love the colors. Bright African colors .

  3. they’re so adorable with their colored ensemble and palms up!