Harajuku Girls in Matching Hellcatpunks Backpacks & YRU Platforms

We met these two girls on the street in Harajuku recently, and they were kind enough to let us take their pictures.

Twenty-year-old fashion student Ai is pictured on the left, with bangs and a Parental Advisory t-shirt. Her bomber jacket is H&M, her dress is Joyrich, and her shorts are from GU. She is also wearing a Hellcatpunks backpack, YRU platform shoes, and Spinns accessories. She told us that Joyrich and H&M are her favorite brands, while Shinee is her favorite band. Find her on Twitter for details.

The girl in the bucket hat is Taerina. She is also 20 years old, and she works in apparel. She is wearing jeans with a black t-shirt and bomber jacket. Her backpack and platform shoes are from Hellcatpunks and YRU like Ai’s. She is also a big fan of Shinee.

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