Harajuku Girls in Chintz Lace-Up Dress, Chiffon Gown & Dotted Pajama Pants

Here are two cute girls we met in Harajuku. The girl on the left with ombre hair is a 19-year-old student named Shiori. She told us her favorite place to shop is Grimoire and her outfit reflects the dolly-kei aesthetic. Her fun chintz dress with a laceup front is from a resale shop. She’s coordinated her dress with lace tights and brown oxford shoes, also bought used.

Accessories include a handmade lace-embellished badge with a portrait of Alice in Wonderland, a Mad Tea Party medallion on a chain and a beaded necklace with a silver cross. Her bunny-themed tote bag is from Ahcahcum Muchacha. In addition to telling us that Grimoire is her favorite shop, Shiori told us that she likes the music of Bump of Chicken.

Shiori’s friend is Koharu, a 19-year-old furita. Her outfit is also from resale shops and includes a fringed graphic t-shirt over a chiffon gown and polka dot pajama pants. Her shoes are simple white sneakers and her tote bag is from American Apparel. Koharu is also wearing a tattoo choker and a Disney cartoon cap.

When we asked Shiori about her favorite fashion sources she said she likes The Virgin Mary and Southpaw. If you read Japanese you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. WAHOU ! I LOVE the girl on the left, Shiori. THE COMPLETE OUTFIT IS AMAZING. The dress, tights, shoes, badges, collar… EVERYTHING. I’m jealous XD.
    Do you know if “Grimoire” has its own online-shop ? *-*

  2. Love these! @Hiroto: Grimoire does have an online shop, but unless you live in Japan, you will need a shopping service as they don’t ship overseas.

  3. capgirl looks cute,
    but put out these horrible contact lenses
    natural eyes looks much better

    greets european