Harajuku Girls in Lace & Mixed Print Street Styles w/ Kinji, Swimmer, Converse, Burberry & New Balance

While walking along the street in Harajuku, we met Manami (left) and Rimariri, both 20-year-old Kinji shop staffs. They caught our eye with their takes on the lace fashion trend.

On the left, pink-haired Manami is wearing a black, long sleeve lace dress, black socks, Converse sneakers, and a Burberry sling bag from Kinji. Manami’s favorite brand is Kinji. Follow her on Instagram.

And on the right, Rimariri’s look features a white lace ruffle coat over a printed blouse and printed skirt, all of which are from Kinji. Teal socks, New Balance sneakers, a Swimmer strawberry-shaped see through bag, and accessories from Swimmer such as a white headband, a bow necklace, beaded bracelets and a pink belt complete her look. Rimariri’s favorite brands/shops are Gucci and resale shops and she loves the music of Katy Perry. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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