Harajuku Girls in Winter Street Fashion w/ Adidas, Open the Door, Tough, Daiso, Sevens, GU, Kappa, Pameo Pose & MYOB

While walking along the busy street in Harajuku, we met 18-year-old Aluha and 19-year-old Risa, who caught our attention with their funky winter fashion styles.

At the left sporting two-tone hair, Aluha is wearing an Adidas grey sweater, which he wore over a black hoodie, denim pants tucked into platform boots from Open the Door, and a Tough crossbody bag. She accessorized with a Daiso bandana wrapped around her head, alien earrings from Sevens, a choker necklace, Daiso clear safety glasses, and a hand-me-down Playstation controller. Aluha’s favorite brands are Open the Door, More Than Dope, and M.Y.O.B, and she listens to K-pop, EDM and Sia. Follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Risa’s look consists of a green bomber jacket over a resale (Me) layered shirts, Kappa track pants, metallic boots from GU, and a belt bag from Pameo Pose. Her accessories -some from Daiso – include black sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, a lock chain necklace, an army green belt, and a Kermit the Frog keychain. M.Y.O.B., Molly Goddard, Chika Kisada and Comme des Garcons are some of Risa’s favorite brands and she likes the music of Sia, Kate Isobelle, and MLMA. Follow Risa on Twitter and Instagram.

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