Harajuku Girls w/ Johnny’s WEST Bags, Cute Plush Backpacks & San-biki no Koneko Fashion

Luuchan and Tsunamayo are two 16-year-old students – both big fans of Johnny’s WEST – whose matching pastel outfits caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. You might remember Tsunamayo from the previous street snaps we’ve taken of her.

Luuchan – on the left in yellow – is wearing a sheer jacket from San-biki no Koneko over a dress she bought in Harajuku. Her bag is Johnny’s WEST merchandise and her ribbon-tied sneakers are Yosuke. She is also wearing a plush bunny backpack, a gingham headpiece, heart choker, beads bracelets and candy colored rings. Her accessories are from Claire’s, Nile Perch or handmade. Find out more about Luuchan by following her Twitter.

Tsunamayo is on the right in lilac. Besides being a student, she also works part time. Tsunamayo bought her jacket on the internet and the dress from Body Line. She wears the same Johnny’s WEST bag as Luuchan, in addition to a headband and bow hair clips, cross earrings, a pony bow, heart shaped rings and beads bracelets from Swimmer. We also noticed her plush backpack and Swimmer sandals (worn with lace socks). Follow Tsunamayo on Twitter or Instagram for regular updates.

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