Harajuku Girls in Jouetie Coats w/ Fig & Viper, Pink Twin Tails & Cat Bag

We met these three friends in Harajuku recently and they were nice enough to stop for a few street snaps. They were all wearing coats from Jouetie and cute hairstyles.

In the middle we have Sayaka, the girl with the brunette bob. She is wearing an embellished dress from Fig&Viper under her black coat, with black tights, a Love Drugstore studded shoulder bag and scallop lace-up shoes shoes from Tokyo Bopper. We also noticed her Milk Fed. heart pendant necklace.

Next is Mai, pictured to the left, in long, red hair. She’s wearing a blue Fig&Viper embellished sweater with a black pencil skirt, faux fur coat, AHCAHCUM.muchacha cat face bag and Dr. Martens lace-up boots. She is also wearing a cross body necklace.

Aya is the girl pictured to the right, in pink twin tails with daisy hair ties. She’s wearing a pastel pink shearling jacket over a lilac turtleneck sweater from Jouetie and a mini skirt. Her ruffle tote bag is from Katie, and her rocking horse shoes are Tokyo Bopper. She is also wearing a ribbon pinned to her coat and white tights. She told us Katie is her favorite shop, and that she’s a fan of Miliyah Kato.

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  1. I am from Canada and i love this style.. 25 … Am i too old for it ?