Harajuku Girls in Kawaii & Denim Styles w/ 6%DOKIDOKI, Cutting Dorothy, Faith Tokyo, Esther Kim, Microudesu & Mercibeaucoup

We met Sakura Pluto and Miii on the street in Harajuku. Sakura is sporting cute kawaii fashion while Miii is in retro denim street style. Let’s take a closer look:

Sakura’s colorful kawaii street style features a white printed t-shirt over a ruffle collar top, from Microudesu and Cutting Dorothy, a 6%DOKIDOKI jacket tied at her waist, and a polka dot ruffle skirt over striped undershorts, from 6%DOKIDOKI and Capsule. Pink strawberry print socks, blue Faith sneakers, a lilac backpack and a yellow purse – from W♡C and Esther Kim – complete her outfit. Her kawaii accessories – from Gemme and Sakura Pop Candy! – include a pink printed hat, hair clips and barrettes, layered necklaces, colorful bead bracelets, a belt ring and a silver bow ring. Sakura’s favorite brand is 6%DOKIDOKI and she listens to Maaya Sakamoto. She is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Miii’s retro denim streetwear look consists of a nude sweater with denim pocket from Mercibeaucoup, high waisted cuffed denim pants from Ne-net, red socks, cutout runners from Mercibeaucoup, and a backpack from Ne-net. Her accessories – from Ne-net and Sakura Pop Candy! – include a bonnet, drop earrings, a striped belt, black watch, a beaded bracelet and a cross ring. Miii’s favorite fashion brand is Mercibeaucoup and she listens to the music of Mint Mate Box.

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