Harajuku Girls in Kawaii Fashion by Peco Club, Bubbles, Nile Perch, Swan Kiss & Little Mermaid

We recently met this trio of 17-year-old students in Harajuku.

Taso is pictured in the middle, with twin buns. She is wearing nightwear from Nile Perch as well as a handmade piece. Her castle tote bag is also from Nile Perch and her ribbon-tied shoes are from WC. Her choker is WEGO, her necklace is handmade, and the odango covers in her hair are handmade. She likes listening to One OK Rock and Mio Yamazaki, shopping at Nile Perch and posting on Instagram.

Next off is Nanako, pictured to the right. She is wearing a Spinns t-shirt with a plaid skirt from Peco Club. She bought her Ariel backpack in Hawaii and her sandals and accessories on Takeshita Dori. Nanako likes shopping at Peco Club and Bubbles, and she listens to idol music. You can also find her on Instagram.

Manami is the girl pictured to the left, with twin tails. Her nightgown and shirt are from Swan Kiss, worn over a Bubbles skirt. She bought her sequin Ariel backpack from Hawaii, and her lace platforms from Swan Kiss. Her accessories are from 6%DokiDoki. Manami likes shopping at Swan Kiss and she’s a j-pop fan. Find her on Instagram for more pics.

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