Harajuku Girls w/ Lilac Hair, Cat Print, Campbell’s Soup & New York Joe Exchange

Chun and Nana are two eyecatching girls we spotted on the street in Harajuku. We stopped them for some snaps and this is what we found out:

Pictured to the right is Chun, who works at New York Joe Exchange in Shimokitazawa. She has lilac hair with buns and a cat print oversized bow. She is wearing a cat print top from New York Joe Exchange with a pink skirt she got from a friend. Her bag is My Little Pony and her faux-fur sandals are from Bubbles. Her pins are Funcx a la Mode, and she’s also wearing a choker, heart sunglasses and earrings, a watch, plastic bracelets, bow rings and a plush bunny. Chun likes to shop at Punk Cake, New York Joe Exchange, Gunifuni, Meno and Yakusoku. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Nana is pictured to the left, and she told us she’s an artist. She is also active on Twitter. She is wearing a matching Campbell’s Soup print top and skirt from Forever21, with fishnet sleeves and tights. She has twin tails with colorful braids, a clear plastic backpack with studs, print socks, and platform sneakers with rainbow laces.

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  1. Sailor Figment

    I have that My Little Pony bag! It was for sleepovers. The large compartment held your matching MLP sleeping bag and the smaller held your pajamas. Glad to see there are more of them our there.

    Love the multi colored braids!

  2. What brand is the studded backpack under? Really digging it!