Harajuku Girls in Matching Liz Lisa Dresses w/ Nile Perch & Samantha Vega

We spotted these two girls wearing matching outfits (known as “pair look” in Japan) on the street in Harajuku. We found out that they’re both 19 years old and they are fans of the Japanese fashion brand Liz Lisa.

Pictured to the right is Chamu. She is wearing a white dress from Liz Lisa with a castle tote bag from Nile Perch (her other favorite shop). Her wedge sandals are also from Liz Lisa, and she accessorized with candy earrings and bracelet.

Mai is the one pictured to the left, wearing the same dress and sandals as Chamu. Her bag is from Samantha Vega and she’s also wearing candy earrings.

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