Harajuku Girls’ MacPhee Jacket & Fedora vs. Pleated Skirt & Liberty Bow Tie

It’s Fall in Harajuku and these girls are dressed for the season. On the left in a gray Fedora hat is Kaho, a 19-year-old student. She’s wearing a gray MacPhee jacket that she bought at the Tomorrowland shop with a floral print shirt from nano・universe. Here blue MacPhee shorts also came from Tomorrowland.

Kaho is also wearing black leggings and Spacecraft laceup shoes from Urban Research with ankle socks. Her accessories include a print scarf that she bought at a flea market in France. She bought her tan leather purse at La Foret.

The girl on the right in a short pleated skirt is Anon, who’s also a 19-year-old student. Her outfit includes an olive sweater and a gingham shirt that she bought at an outlet mall. Her skirt is from a resale shop. She’s also wearing blue tights and leather ankle boots. Her accessories include a Liberty print bow tie. Like her friend, she’s carrying a purse from La Foret.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources. Kaho told us she likes Tomorrowland and nano・universe and Anon said she likes Beams Boy. Kaho also told us that her favorite music genres are jazz, bossa nova and hard rock.

MacPhee jacket & Fedora vs. Pleated Skirt & Liberty Bow Tie

Fedora hat & scarf from Paris flea market in Harajuku

La Foret leather purse in Harajuku

Spacecraft laceup shoes from Urban Research

Gingham resale shirt & Liberty bow tie in Harajuku

Leather La Foret purse in Harajuku

Blue tights & leather boots in Harajuku

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Love the girls in these looks. Nice office clothes. The girl in the grey jacket can help out some of the guys with their styles. The green sweater is a bit frumpy on the other gal but the outfit is still cute. I love those shoes in the high heel platform look as well but have had a hard time finding them :. Happy Friday all !(

  2. Lol! These girls outfits look like they’d match with the guy who looked like a paperboy from yesterday. I love it!

  3. young_rob101

    The girl on the right definitely has my vote for best dressed out of the two i like the whole she has. Hey guys can you plz follow me on twitter at young_rob101 i would love to talk fashion with you guys