Harajuku Girl’s Mad Mad Mad Dress, Stussy Cap & Nadia Sneakers

Ayuna is an 18-year-old part-time worker that we met in Harajuku. Her long striped dress from a used/resale shop is printed with dripping letters that spell out Mad Mad Mad. She’s also wearing a Stussy skull logo cap and carrying a canvas Smurfs tote bag. Accessories include a chunky pink iXa watch. Her black platform sneakers from Nadia.

Ayana told user her favorite clothing source is Milkfed and her favorite musical group is Shakalabbits.
Mad Mad Mad Striped Dress

Auburn-haired girl in Stussy skull cap

Stussy skull logo cap

Smurfs tote bag

Pink iXa watch

Black Nadia sneakers

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  1. love that watch! :) she has a pretty cool style! :3

  2. That is really cute. I love her Smurf bag.
    I swear she’s no taller than 5 foot.

  3. I like the dress but would love it if it were above the knee. Love the shoes, Beautiful girl.