Harajuku Girls w/ Manga Dress, Cable Knit Sweater & Smile PreCure Bag

Here are a pair of fun friends – each with a different sense of style – who caught our eye while walking near Spinns Harjauku.

The girl on the left is wearing a manga-print dress with a sheer layer, a cardigan sweater with cute knit flower details, thigh-high stockings, and platform Converse sneakers. Accessories include a “GoGoGoGoGo Magical Girl(s)!” button, strawberry hairclips to hold her twintails, a glass heart necklace from 6%DOKIDOKI, and a really colorful Smile Precure purse.

Her friend is wearing a vintage-themed outfit with a white cable knit sweater (a trendy item right now) over a layered red and green gingham dress, a lace collar, ruffle socks, and leather boots. Accessories include a cute hair band, a Nadia Harajuku canvas bag, and a vintage-looking leather purse with a heart buckle.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Is that a Denpa Onna dress? The girl on it looks a lot like Erio Towa…
    I would love to know what shop she got that from ; A ; !
    I like her colorful purse too, reminds me of the lunchboxes I had as a kid.

  2. Oh! I love the red-haired girl’s curly plaits!